EarthDesk 5.2

Replaces your Windows wallpaper with a real-time dynamic image of our planet
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EarthDesk is a simple and wonderful program that will display a realistic photo of our planet Earth as a wallpaper, with a little peculiarity that every "x" minutes the image will be updated showing you how day or night covers the earth.

Once you have installed the program, you will have a nice eye-catching wallpaper of the Earth. This image has many features that I'm sure you will enjoy. The image is constantly updated with the local daytime/night-time information, and the update frequency can be set manually, anything from 1 to 15 minutes. Moreover, clouds are displayed together with the world map, and of course, the clouds are also updated from a server on the Internet, showing you their real position. In addition, more than ten thousand locations are stored in the database of the program, letting you select your home location easily.

The program also has some map rendering options that will show you different types of shading and types of images (living earth, seasonal, and political maps). Finally, in this new version (4.6), the cloud server system has had a major update, that's why it's highly recommended to update the program. Besides, other internal improvements have been applied.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • The wallpaper can be updated every "x" minutes automatically
  • There are 3 image types
  • There are many different projections of the wallpaper


  • It would be nice if the evaluation message didn't appear in the center of the wallpaper
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